18th Scientific Annual Meeting of the


Friday Friday and Saturday, December, 8-9, 2023

Paris – Les Salons Hoche (9 avenue Hoche 75008)



It is our pleasure to welcome you to the 18th scientific annual meeting of the International Society for Vascular health (ISVH® ) to be held on December 8 and 9, 2023 in Paris. ISVH wanted to celebrate its 18th anniversary by bringing the organization of its annual congress back to where it was created, Paris, the city of lights.

Vascular health has become a very important issue involved in different areas such as cardiovascular prevention, diseases, and vascular ageing. Recently, the need to assess large and small arteries has been discussed into several cardiovascular guidelines, emphasizing that a better understanding of its evaluation methods will lead to a clearer explanation of the disease’s pathophysiology and management. Several presentations will address these aspects in detail.

In addition, the new devices (wearable, cuffless, and more), allowing ambulatory measurements of several hemodynamic parameters, have paved the way to teleconsultation and telemonitoring. The applicability of these new techniques in clinical practice remains unclear. Leading experts in the field will discuss these methods, detailing their advantages, limitations, and potential applications in clinical practice.

Like previous meetings, the scientific program will continue the tradition of high-quality presentations and discussions related to clinical applications of vascular health & aging. Particularly, the meeting will focus on the methodological aspects and “how/when to assess” large and small arteries including blood pressure measurements. All relevant aspects their fundamentals and clinical applications are welcome.

A large portion of the program will be devoted to oral presentations and discussions, but it will also include poster presentations as well as an exhibition area. A prize will be awarded to the selected “best poster”.

Additionally, this annual meeting includes joint sessions with:
• The Hellenic Society for the Study and Research of Aging – HeSSRA
• The Hypertension Infarction Stroke Prevention Association – HISPA
• The Croatian Hypertension League
• The Ukrainian Antihypertensive Society
• The Bulgarian Hypertension League

After the meeting, an “Official Position Statement” endorsed by all the contributing societies will be published in a peer review journal, namely, the Vascular Health and Risk Management (VHRM) Journal.

Our warm welcome to this annual 18th ISVH® meeting.

Program & Speakers

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Full Program

Day 1 – Friday 8 December 2023

8h30 – 18h30

Session 1

Blood Pressure Measurements in the 21 Century

Session 2

Evaluation of the Large Artery Structure & Functions Which Method for Which Evaluation?

Session 3

Arterial Hemodynamic – Macro & Microcirculation Update from the Last Decade

Satellite Symposium

Promoting Vascular Health – international experience

Session 4

Round Table – Clinical Applications & Practice guidelines

Day 2 – Saturday 9 December 2023

9h00 – 18h00

Session 5

Telemonitoring of Cardiovascular risk Factors & Diseases

Session 6

Adapting Cardiovascular Treatments According to the Functional Status of Older Patients

Session 7

methods to manage primary & secondary Prevention – Focus on Coronary & Stroke Prevention

Session 8

Kidney is in the Heart of Hypertension

Session 9

Arterial Stiffness Changes in Different Diseases

Best Posters Prizes

Best Poster on Basic research – Best Poster on Clinical research



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