Date de sortie :

21 Septembre 2023

Durée :

Environ 2h50

Webinar AIMOM

Rare diseases and malformations of the Head and Neck

Webinar organized by AIMOM

ORL | 2023 |


Pr Joel Ferri | Durée : 2 Min

An overview of the rare diseases and malformations affecting the head and neck. The key position of the maxillo-facial surgeon

Pr Joel Ferri | Durée : 30 Min

Orthodontic treatment for head and neck rare diseases and malformations

Dr Till Köhne | Durée : 31 Min

Artificial Intelligence in head and neck rare diseases

Dr Ashi Chug | Durée : 30 Min

Multi-modality methods to examine genotype-phenotype correlations: tools for diagnosis in rare diseases affecting the dental, oral, and craniofacial region

Dr Janice S. Lee | Durée : 30 Min

Middle and internal ear defects in rare diseases and syndromatic patients

Dr Lalwani Anil | Durée : 48 Min

Discussion & Conclusion

Pr Joel Ferri | Durée : 1 Min

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