Date de sortie :

8 & 9 Décembre 2023

Durée :

Environ 12h


18th scientific annual meeting of the International Society for Vascular health

Prof Roland Asmar, Chair Local Organization Committee & Prof Nebojsa Tasic, President ISVH


SESSION 1 – Blood Pressure Measurements in the 21 Century

R. Asmar (FR), G. Stergiou (GR) | Durée : 1h12 min

SESSION 2 Evaluation of the Large Artery Structure & Functions Which Method for Which Evaluation?

M. Bäck (SE), A. Benetos (FR) | Durée : 1h27 min

SESSION 3 – Arterial Hemodynamic – Macro & Microcirculation Update from the Last Decade

P. Zelveian (AM), E. Agabiti-Rosei (IT) | Durée : 1h28 min

SESSION 4 – Round Table – Clinical Applications & Practice Guidelines

R. Asmar (FR), I. Mintale (LV) | Durée : 1h50 min

SESSION 5 Telemonitoring of Cardiovascular Risk Factors & Diseases

G. Bilo (IT), J. Topouchian (FR) | Durée : 1h40 min

SESSION 6 Joint Session with The Hellenic Society for the Study and Research of Aging Adapting Cardiovascular Treatments According to the Functionnal Status of Older Patients

J. Blacher (FR), A. Benetos (GR) | Durée : 1h26 min

SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM Promoting Vascular Health – International Experience

H. Wang (CN) – F. Fantin (IT) | Durée : 46 min

SESSION 7 Joint Session with HISPA Methods to manage primary & secondary Prevention – Focus on Coronary & Stroke Prevention

N. Tasic (RS), R. Nikolić (BIH) | Durée : 1h14 min

SESSION 8 Joint Session with the Croatian Hypertension League Kidney is in the Heart of Hypertension

B. Jelaković (CRO), P. de Leeuw (NL) | Durée : 1h14 min

SESSION 9 Joint Session with the Ukrainian Society of Hypertension and The Bulgarian Hypertension league Arterial Stiffness Changes in Different Diseases

Y. Sirenko (UA), A. Postadzhiyan (BG) | Durée : 55 min

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